Beyond the Walls

The vision of Beyond the Walls is to share our congregation’s abundance and gifts of service with those less fortunate than we are. Along with the monetary contributions, Hopewell will continue to send hundreds of members of all ages throughout the year to work side-by-side as volunteers with our ministry partners.
Dollars raised during Year 10 of the campaign will be divided as follows:
  • 55% for Local Missions
  • 5% for National Missions
  • 30% for Global Missions
  • 10% for the betterment of Hopewell's church facility (Worship Spaces).


Coatesville Kids to College

Coatesville Kids to College is a faith based initiative that aims to break the cycle of poverty in the Coatesville Community by ensuring that all children and youth below the poverty line have the skills, resources and supports necessary to successfully graduate from a college of their choice. CKC offers youth programming and comprehensive family support at every level of a child’s development to ensure that the child is able to progress successfully through each stage of education. Programs include: Baby Steps Parenting, Bright Beginnings Preschool, I Rise Elementary Program, Head Strong Middle School Program, New Horizons High School Program, and College Now.

"The Well"

The Well is an urban enterprise initiated by Hopewell UMC in response to a vision to utilize the resources, gifts and skills of our congregation members in partnering with our community to meet the needs of our neighbors.
This community-center-like site will be a safe gathering place for all ages and will house services such as support groups, job training, after school activities and tutoring, in conjunction with and to compliment already existing local programs.
This initiative will seek to engage not only Hopewell congregation members in service, but all members of our community, including individuals from schools, churches and local agencies.

Good Works

Good Works is a Christian nonprofit organization which exists to improve the living conditions for low-income families in Chester County. Through the efforts of volunteers, substandard housing is renovated and repaired, while homeowners receive a glimpse of the power of God’s unconditional love. The ministry offers its services at no cost to low-income homeowners.

The video below captures the impact of Good Works. Hopewell participated in these reconstruction efforts on the second Saturday of each month.

Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is a local non-profit organization with a focus on preventing homelessness for women and children with the help of trained mentoring groups within congregations. Single mothers achieve permanent housing and financial self-sufficiency through employment and attain stability and enhanced self-esteem through ongoing mentoring friendships. “Our goal is to exemplify Christ’s love and to promote physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wholeness.”

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor of Greater West Chester is an independent, nonprofit organization providing food, shelter, friendship, counseling and recovery opportunities to homeless men and women in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Camp Innabah

Camp Innabah is comprised of 179 acres of meadows and woodlands in historic Chester County. It is one of the oldest church-affiliated camps in the Mid-Atlantic region, owned and operated by the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church.


Crisfield, MD

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy raged up the east coast as the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the season. The little town of Crisfield, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay was one of the hardest hit by the storm. Intense winds and devastating waves flooded the entire town in 5 feet of water. Crisfield residents are still struggling to rebuild. Through the coordination of UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) mission teams are organized to go to Crisfield to help with the rebuilding of homes. Hopewell has sent multiple teams, both youth and adult teams, to assist with the restoration of homes in Crisfield, Maryland.


South Africa

Over the past decade, Hopewell has increasingly involved itself in the mission field of South Africa.  Our work continues to be inspired by partner ministries in the country that are already working to address the enormous problems created by poverty, racism, and the AIDS pandemic in particular.
Photo of Jordan Ridge
Year 8 of the Beyond the Walls campaign was highlighted by the creation of a second Mosaic Village in the Paarl Valley, located on the western side of South Africa; this village seeks to replicate the success of Mosaic’s first sustainable village in Ikageng. Year 9 Beyond the Wall funds will continue to support both Hopewell and Mosaic’s efforts in Paarl Valley.

Meanwhile, Hopewell continues to also support the Made by Mosaic ( program, which was founded by Hopewell’s Jordan Ridge. While Jordan has returned stateside, her efforts have laid the groundwork for important skill training and job creation for the Ikageng area.

To learn more about Hopewell and Mosaic’s efforts in South Africa, go HERE.


The dire state of need in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere was exacerbated January 2010 when a significant earth quake struck Port au Prince , the country’s capital, killing 250,000 people and maiming hundreds of thousands more. Hopewell took our initial mission trip to Haiti in February 2014 and we returned to Haiti again in 2015. Hopewell has adopted a small village community named Leveque. In Leveque, there is no food, no water, no electricity, no cooking fuel, no sanitary facilities, and no jobs. In Leveque, we have discovered an abundance of faith, hope, and pride.

To learn more about Hopewell in Haiti, go HERE

Hopewell UMC Facility

Ten percent (10%) of the Beyond the Walls campaign funding is dedicated towards the betterment and enhancement of Hopewell’s church facility. In Year 9, these funds will be dedicated towards improvements to the FLC.

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